Legal Marijuana at The Farm Ride

Here’s some information for those who like marijuana

and for those who don’t.

The short version: This ride takes place in a state where recrational marijuana is now legal for adults.

But this is NOT The Marijuana Ride.  It is not the point of this ride, and it is not the focus.  If you don't like marijuana (or you don't want your kids around it) you will never see it or smell it, or be encouraged to use it on this ride.  Period.

Having said that, we are grown ups and we're not going to pretend that the laws haven't changed.


Imagine if instead of Massachusetts we were pedaling through beautiful Kentucky. Some people would want to stop at a store and buy a bottle of Kentucky’s famous whiskey.

Other people couldn’t care less about whiskey and would skip it.

Same idea here.

During The Farm Ride some people will want to stop at a store and buy some of Massachusetts' famous legal marijuana.

Other people couldn’t care less about marijuana and will skip it.

• • •

Think about any other ride you’ve ever been on. At the end of the day someone might say, “I’m going to grab a beer -- anyone else want one?” Those who want a beer drink one; those who don’t want a beer don’t.

Not much difference here.

At the end of the day someone might say, “I’m going off to smoke some [legal] marijuana -- anyone want to come along?” Those who want to smoke go; those who don’t want to smoke don’t.

• • •

Back home there are lots of places that are No Smoking areas -- bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies.... Massachusetts is the same way, except a No Smoking sign in Massachusetts means no smoking tobacco or marijuana. If you want to avoid marijuana entirely you’ll have no trouble doing so, and you’ll never feel like you’ve been left out.

We stay on the campus of the University of Massachusetts and the entire campus (indoors and out!) is no smoking.  More on this in a minute.

Everyone on the trip is going to show friendly respect for adults who want to enjoy legal marijuana and for those who don’t.

• • •

If we were pedaling in Cuba we’d provide you with information about where to get Cuban cigars. At this writing those cigars are still illegal at home and not necessarily great for your health, but we know that some folks on the trip would like that info. Mature adults could decide for themselves whether they wanted a Cuban cigar or not.

We’ll do the same thing here -- provide information about where to get legal Massachusetts marijuana. Mature adults can decide for themselves if they want it or not.

The rest of this page contains information only for those who want to buy legal marijuana.

Not of interest to you? Just skip it.

OK?  OK!


Q: Who can buy and use marijuana in Massachusetts?

A: Anyone who is at least 21 years old, whether they are from Massachusetts or not.

Minors can not buy or use marijuana in Massachusetts, and may not enter marijuana stores.

Q: How much weed can I buy? Where do I get it? What’s it cost?

A: Easy there big fellah!  

The landscape is changing fast, but at this writing here’s where we are:

How Much Can I Buy?

The Minimum -- The smallest purchase in most stores is one gram. You can often buy pre-rolled joints for less than the price of one gram.

The Maximum --You can buy up to one ounce, which is the maximum you can have on your person in Massachusetts.  You can have a maximum of 10 ounces at your home or lodging.  

HOWEVER... there are ony a few dispensaries (stores) that are licensed for recreational marijuana in Massachusetts at this time, and demand has been huge.  The dispenaries reserve the right to limit the size of your purchase if supplies are tight.

Please be aware that today’s legal marijuana is much MUCH stronger than what you may have experienced back in your youth. You may not want to rush in and buy the maximum-allowed one ounce all at once until you’ve taken it for a test drive; you might wind up using only a small fraction of that purchase and then have to throw away the rest before you leave Massachusetts -- more info below.

Where to Buy Legal Marijuana

As mentioned, ony a very few places are now legal to sell recreational marijuana in Massashussets at this time. We will be near this one:

NETA - Northampton

118 Conz St. Northampton, MA

Hours of operation: 8:00am-10:00pm everyday

This is pretty close to Herrell's, my favorite ice cream place in the world.  'nuff said.

If you go to the NETA website you can see the latest items on the menu.

NOTE:  NETA can get VERY crowded, and lines are common.  If you wish to purchase we STRONGLY recommend their reserve ahead online ordering. If you order ahead you can skip the line and head straight inside to the pick-up window.

To buy marijuana you will need a government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license or passport) that shows that you are at least 21 years old. You must show your photo I.D. every single time you shop, no matter how old you look.


Prices are always changing, and dispensaries often have sales and specials, like any other retailer.

At this writing we’re seeing prices around $15 per gram, plus tax of about 17 percent.  Discounts are offered for larger purchases.  (For example, if you purchase an entire ounce for $300 you are paying about $10.71 per gram.)

Q: I’ve never used marijuana but I want to try some on this trip.

A: Suppose a friend said to you, “I’ve never had alcohol before, but I want to try some right now.” 

What advice would you give them?

Probably something along the lines of, “Have fun, be careful, take it slow, and never drive (or pedal) while intoxicated.”


Q: Can I buy pot brownies?

A: Yes.  There is a huge range of legal edibles for sale at the dispensaries that contain marijuana -- cookies, brownies, drinks, candies... All clearly marked with the appropriate dosage.

Tricking an unsuspecting person into eating marijuana edibles is among the lowest forms of human behavior and will not be tolerated on this trip -- violators will be sent home immediately. NO REFUNDS.

Q: Vaping?

A: Yup, all sorts of smokeable marijuana concentrates (and the weaponry needed to enjoy them) are for sale at NETA.

Q: Where can I smoke?

A: Aye, there’s the rub!

Under Massachusetts law you can not smoke outdoors in public.

Throughout the U.S. many hotels now have only no-smoking guest rooms. If you smoke ANYTHING in a no-smoking room you may get hit with a serious fee on your bill. Similar penalties for smoking in a non-smoking rental car.

And, as noted, the University of Massachusetts campus where we are staying is 100 percent no smoking -- inside and out.

SO... where to smoke?

The advice I received from several dispensary managers is that the local police have taken a low-key approach to enforcement, provided you are discreet and don’t act like a jerk.

Remember that if you are smoking in public view you are, technically, breaking the law, just like drinking a beer in public.

Of course there are always edibles...

At our famous Saturday Night Dorm Party we will have accommodations for those adults who want to enjoy legal marijuana.  THE top prority is to keep marijuana away from anyone who doesnt want it, and that means ESPECIALLY no marijuana anywhere near kids.   This is a family-friendly event, and we want you to feel safe bringing your kids.

If you are bringing your children we will need your help to keep them away from the small, discrete, clearly marked, "adults only" areas.

Q: Can I pedal while I’m high? Can I smoke while I’m riding? 

A: Look.

If we were cycling and stopped for lunch would it be OK if you had a bottle of beer or a glass of wine? 


Would it be OK if you got stinking drunk?


And there we are.

Basically, if you are so high or drunk that you are a problem, we will not hesitate to grab you by the ear (or any other appendage we can reach...) and yank you off the road immediately. NO REFUNDS.

Q: Can I take some pot home with me as a souvenir? How about a marijuana cookie? Just a little?

A: No! 

As soon as cross the Massachusetts border you are under the same laws as back home -- marijuana is illegal and you can go to jail.

If we are transporting your bike home, trying to hide some marijuana in your bike frame would be a really REALLY bad idea... especially because an I.D. tag with your name on it is going to be attached to the bike!